This weekend, I had my first experience as a runner on a BBC programme, Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of the Year. It was an exciting and interesting new experience that I would definitely love to do again!

The weekend started with a road trip down to Nottingham with a number of the Avanti Media production staff. Once we arrived we had a meeting at the location to give us, the runners, and the other members of production an outline of the venue and where we will all be based.

On Saturday, my call time was 10am in the production office. Myself and some of the other runners walked over from the hotel together and once we arrived got the talkback comms organised. After this it was time to await the arrival of the choirs and into the schedule for the day.

My main role for the day was timings and floating runner. This meant that I was responsible for the choirs having a strict 10 minute warm up and then getting them in position before going on stage. Also, I was on call for any spare jobs that the producer, location manager or anyone else needed. For example, at tea time, I helped the judge’s runner collect food for Gareth Malone and the other judges.

It was a long and busy day, with not much time to rest but the fun and excitement I had throughout the day pushed the negatives away and made one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had.

I met and got to know some industry professionals and made some great contacts!

I hope to work with the Songs of Praise team again soon. Thank you SoP!