Video Game High School (VGHS) is an “original series released on the YouTube channel RocketJump” (Think with Google, 2015) that was crowdfunded on Kickstarter and is “an action/comedy series about surviving high school, fitting in, and landing that perfect head shot” (Wong, n.d.).
VGHS was a success on Kickstarter because it has a certain niche target audience of over the age of eleven due to its comedic and action elements, also the style of language used is appropriate for younger audiences. Especially with the use of acronyms used in the programme such as FPS and AFK. The nature of the web series is all about “students [studying] video games” (Tach, 2013), this is the dream of young gamers and this fantasy series is something they can live their dream through. Also, the characters in the series, such as Brian, are relatable because he is going through the “core components of real-life high school” (Tach, 2013) like the intended audience are.
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By raising money on Kickstarter, RocketJump had the opportunity to gain more backers through giving away benefits if certain amounts of money are donated. Their target audience would encourage parents to put money into VGHS so they can receive awards, such as, “a special VGHS poster, not available to the general public, signed by cast and crew” (Wong, n.d.).
I watched episodes one and two of the first season. The content of these episodes suited the intended audience through the use of a “unique visual and comedic style” (Think with Google, 2015) and making the videos feel like “live-action video games” (Think with Google, 2015) by using a range of “special effects” (Wong, n.d.). This approach was successful for the intended audience because it made the programme seem like their favourite video games have come to life in this “fantastical world that’s been created” (Barr, 2014).

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